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An oceanfront, curated, transformative experience.

Regenerate with the Energy & Magic of

The Bay of Fundy

Relax.  Reconnect.  Recharge.  Regenerate.

Join us and retreat to this oceanside sanctuary for a curated transformative experience in St. Martins, New Brunswick. Take this time to feed your soul while you reclaim time, refocus priorities and regenerate your mind & body through daily yoga and meditation classes. Experience the healing power of nature through Forest Bathing and come away with skills for regenerative living through experiential sessions designed for the mind, body and spirit.   

Join the Fundy Regenerative Retreats community.

Become a member of our community to get special offers for future events, and Elaine Shannon's (Event Host and Facilitator) ebook In the Stillness.

Time to relax.  Time to play. Time to Regenerate.

Meet Your Facilitators

Elaine Shannon

Retreat Host and Facilitator of Reclaiming Time Session

Eliza Fayle

Facilitator of Heart’s Wisdom Session

Jules Hare

Facilitator of Inner Child Session

Phil Gorman

Mental Fitness Coach and Mindfulness Nature Guide

In the Bay Dips
By the Bay Bonfires
Full Moon Celebrations
Beach Cleanup

Enjoy curated transformative experiences and workshops designed to guide you into relaxation, give you opportunity to reconnect with inner child, recharge your spirit, and regenerate your soul.

Experiences & Sessions

Experience the Bay of Fundy at the Beach Street Inn

This luxury boutique Hotel is the ideal place to reset, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself...and Retreat!