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Elaine Shannon

A teacher, a follower of breadcrumbs, a believer of possibilities.

Elaine has a gift for gathering people together and creating safe spaces for them to be themselves.

Through her consulting practice and production work, workshops, training sessions, she’s been helping people reclaim their time and refocus priorities for nearly 20 years.

From her TV show; Simply Zen, a weekly newspaper column, speaking engagements from Johannesburg South Africa to Vancouver British Columbia and points in between and her monthly Full Moon ceremonies… Elaine en-joys connecting with people!

Elaine provides leadership specifically for those wishing for change. Providing safe spaces for people to express those wishes and providing leadership to make those wishes happen.

It’s a sacred experience, to be invited into people's lives, to help them build the business and life of their dreams.

More about Elaine:

Linkedin  (99+) Elaine (Butler) Shannon | LinkedIn

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Reclaiming Time

In this session participants will;

  • Learn how to mindfully allocate their 168 hours per week.

  • Learn how to free up valuable time.

  • This workshop will show you how valuable your TIME is …and what you are spending this limited resource on.

At the end of this session participants will be able to;

  • Prioritize time spent

  • Experience increased focus.

  • Choose how and when to spend valuable time


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