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Eliza Fayle

Sacred artist, shamanic practitioner, experiencer of heaven on earth.

Eliza is a sacred artist and shamanic practitioner. Through her storytelling, in both words and images, Eliza guides clients on explorations of their inner landscapes, getting deeply curious about messages from the heart.

Her street creds are certified facilitator, conflict mediator, creativity coach, and business relationship manager; formally trained shamanic practitioner and Tarot reader.

More importantly, Eliza is a woman who has embraced her Third Act and surrendered to the grace of God(dess). In doing so, she creates and experiences her version of heaven on earth, and inspires others to create and experience their own version.

Eliza lives with her husband and a host of wildlife on 15 acres tucked into the National Capital Region of Canada's Gatineau Hills. Her whimsical sacred art is found in businesses and homes throughout North America and Europe. Each piece represents her deep connection to nature and the shamanic realms.

More about Eliza:

Curious Spirit Website

Instagram @elizafayle

Heart’s Wisdom

This workshop is designed for individuals wishing to experience messages directly from their heart. Participants will:

  • Learn simple and fun techniques to drown out noise and focus awareness

  • Experience a guided shamanic journey to retrieve messages from their heart

  • Work with Sacred Trees Journey Cards to tap into their heart’s wisdom

At the end of this session participants will have:

  • Simple yet powerful techniques to retrieve messages from their heart

  • Hands on experience of how to travel into the shamanic realm

  • A set of Eliza’s Sacred Trees Journey Cards: Moon Phases and complimentary membership in her Curious Spirit Circle to continue exploring their heart’s messages


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