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Jules Hare

A mother, partner, author, speaker and passionate Embodiment Facilitator.

For 30 years Jules has mentored ‘change makers’ from all walks of life all over the world. Her teachings and facilitation sessions help people to reconnect with the body’s own unique language to build a new trusted relationship, helping people to listen and be present to uproot ‘problems’ BEFORE they lead to anxiety or dis-ease.

Jules Hare is the co-director with her husband Phil Gorman of Cranial Waves Wellness Studio (est. 2005 in Kitchener Ont and recently relocated in 2020) in the picturesque seaside Village of St. Martins New Brunswick. She is a Cranial Sacral Therapist that specializes in working with families and pediatrics, offering hands-on sessions, workshops, courses, as well as virtual mentorship sessions for those ready to commit to the deeper dive into their own self-mastery.

What people are saying about Jules

“Jules has a lovely way of listening to the body and helping heal and move through things.”

“Jules has a remarkable way of connecting with adults and children alike. Healing is about connecting and listening to our own inner wisdom - and Jules is a skilled, talented and patient guide and teacher who has helped our family get there.”

“Jules is one of the most fascinating and absolutely magical people I’ve ever met. Her masterful blend of east and west, her powerful ability to connect authentically across ages, and her delightful humor make her one of my favorite health practitioners. In a short time, she has created a meaningful and significant shift in the health concerns that drew us to her services. I’m forever grateful.”

More about Jules

Soul Sister Conversations: EP 128: How Children Help Us Achieve Our Potential with Jules Hare on Apple Podcasts

Chocolate Sound Bath

Join us as we combine the natural healing power of The Bay of Fundy Energy, Cacao, the "Food of the Gods", and ancient sound vibration healing.

Let us be your guides as we invite you to journey with us to deepen your connection, relax your body and calm your mind through these ancient practices.

A sound bath is a full-body regenerative experience that touches all the senses. 
Jules uses crystal singing bowls to provide a sensory rich experience that supports curiousity, deep relaxation, and invites restoration for the mind and body. 

In this session you will receive;

  • An introduction to the healing properties of sound

  • Vocal exercises and deep listening practices

  • Sound bath and sound meditation experiences

  • Discussion and sharing.

Discover the power of sound and music to transform consciousness, improve well-being, and inspire meaningful connection and change.

Inner Child

Working with our inner child is powerful healing work you can do for yourself. Not only can it dramatically decrease the stress you experience in your life, but it can create lasting inter-generational change both in the past and for future generations.

Jules’ playful and embodied nature is woven through this session as she brings her decades of expertise to life to guide you through a rejuvenating  journey like no other…guaranteed to change your life.

In this session you will embody the benefits of working with your inner child which includes;

  • reclaiming your life

  • transforming your energy

  • seeing through the eyes of a child again

  • remembering the great joys of life.

You’ll never underestimate the power of your inner child again!


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