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Phil Gorman

Phil has over 20 years clinical experience helping clients optimize their human performance and potential which has culminated in his recently published book, ‘3 Simple Steps to Master Calm’.

Phil has traveled extensively over the past 20 years, to the far east and beyond, to study and explore many forms of meditation and mindful movement practices as a way to cultivate health, healing and vitality.

Phil Gorman is a highly experienced Mental Fitness Coach, Nature Guide and Author. He works with athletes at all levels, as well as corporate clients, helping them improve their brain function, mood and physical health.

Specializing in the mind-body relationship, and he uses mindful movement, breathing, nature therapy, and plant medicine to maximize the effects of physical training.

As a guide, Phil is engaging and playful; as a practitioner he is passionate and insightful.

Chocolate Sound Bath

Join us as we combine the natural healing power of The Bay of Fundy Energy, Cacao, the "Food of the Gods", and ancient sound vibration healing.

Let us be your guides as we invite you to journey with us to deepen your connection, relax your body and calm your mind through these ancient practices.

A sound bath is a full-body regenerative experience that touches all the senses. 
Jules uses crystal singing bowls to provide a sensory rich experience that supports curiousity, deep relaxation, and invites restoration for the mind and body. 

In this session you will receive;

  • An introduction to the healing properties of sound

  • Vocal exercises and deep listening practices

  • Sound bath and sound meditation experiences

  • Discussion and sharing.

Discover the power of sound and music to transform consciousness, improve well-being, and inspire meaningful connection and change.

Mindfulness Nature Experience

Allow yourself to be transported into a place of serenity, where you can find peace and clarity away from the hustle and bustle of daily life

One simple way to manage stress?

Forest Bathing!

The calming benefits of spending time in nature are well documented and include decreased anxiety, strengthened immune system, reduced blood pressure, increased energy, and increased ability to focus.


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